Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Chilly Saturday....

Saturday was the annual Stitching in July at Deloraine. Despite the weather outside, the hall was nice and warm and it was a great day.

Some of the girls I spend my Thursday nights with.
Meredith, Giselle, Myself, Sue and Mum.

It was great getting to meet Sarah and Christine some fellow Tassie bloggers.

I loved this little Christmas Stocking. I bought the Viv Robinson pattern on the day.


I have now finished a grand total of 4 of these Annie Downs stitcheries. I have almost finished my 5th.

Happy Stitching

Love Alex

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome To The Dark Side.

Tonight I got a brand new haircut. YAY. Yes I am a bit sad. I now have dark brown hair, with 2 purple chunks and a full fringe. I love it!

The purple.
The fringe! I had this haircut in grade 8 and wasnt that fond of it. I thinks it suits me better now and I love it, so does my hairdresser Priscilla and Mum.
Happy Stitching
Love Alex

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Other Things.

On Saturday this weekend Mum, Leanne and I went to Cyber Stitching Day at Esme's.

We had a fun day, stitching and chatting. We went to Peckish for lunch, which was yummy.We got a great goody bag filled with frabic, cottons and patterns. I also won a Hugs 'n Kisses Boobie Button as my lucky door prize.
Some of the things from the goodie bag and my Boobie Button.

I have also started the new Anni Downs quilt Hatched and Pathed. I have finished one stitchery and the words on the other stitcheries.

Happy Stitching

Love Alex


I have not posted a blog for a long time but I finally have something to share. For a long time I have been working on True Friends Tempters Stitcheries by Helen Stubbings from
Hugs 'n Kisses.
Once I Finished all 9 stitcheries I decieded to make them into a quilt, using TiddlyWinks fabric.

I have now, with the help of my mum finished putting the quilt top together. Now it just has to be sent off to Esme's to be quilted.

Work in Progess...

Mum helping out.



Before the borders.

The finished quilt top. YAY. I am very happy to have it all put together. Now it just needs quilting.

Happy Stitching.
Love Alex.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


A few cold Thursdays ago i went to Agfest with my friends Leisa and Shaun.

It was cold and raining but still a fun day. Leisa, The Cow and I.

Leisa, Shaun and I.

Shaun and I

Leisa and I.

Leisa, Shaun and I

Leisa, Cool Dude and Me

Mothers Day

As you know today was Mothers Day.
After working from 7 till 2 I went to a family afternoon tea at Grandma's with Grandma, John, Mum, Dad, Georgia, Auntie See, Izzie and Ruby.
Izzie, Georgia and I.

Izzie yelling at the birds.

Mummy and Me.
Georgia and I in the car.

Izzie and I.

Izzie being Silly

Georgia, Izzie and I.

Grandma trying to put spiders on Georgia and Izzie.

After Grandma's we came home.

Georgia and I cooked a feast for Mum for tea.

Will try to put pictures of it up soon.

Love Alex.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

7 About Me

I have been tagged by my mum for 7 random/weird/unusual things about me.......

1. I was talking in full sentences when i was 9 months old. According to my parents i have not shutup since!
2. I talk and walk in my sleep. I have conversations with my mum late at night and have no memory of them. I also get up and go exploring and get myself stuck in hotel fire escapes.....
3. I hate coffee but love Farmers Union Iced Coffee.
4.I dont like P.Js.... I always sleep in the top i was wearing during the day.
5. I much prefer being with my mums friends to my own, dont get me wrong I love my friends but I have much more fun at stitching night than going out with friends.
6. I dont fit in my family. I am not quite old enough to be one of the "Big People". My cousins are all under 11 so being 16 i dont fit with the "Little Ones" either.
7. I find writing about my self really hard. I hate writing about me things or answering questions about myself.
But if you want to know how amazing I am, just ask my mum she will tell you.
Happy Blogging.